Maat is the basis of Wo'se Community Church's theology. Maat is the totality of all existence. (Please see Dr. O'Benga's 25 dimensions of Maat chart below).

In the Individual Maat manifests itself as Truth. In Society Maat manifests itself as Justice and is against injustice. Maat manifests itself in nature as the normalcy of phenomenon, i.e. The seasonal cyclical changes. The Sun rising and setting and the Moon's 28,29 day cycle etc.

The declaration of innocence rendered in English:

1. I have not committed sin.

2. I have not committed robbery with violence.

3. I have not stolen.

4. I have not slain men or women.

5. I have not stolen food.

6. I have not swindled offerings.

7. I have not stolen from God/Goddess.

8. I have not told lies.

9. I have not carried away food.

10. I have not cursed.

11. I have not closed my ears to truth.

12. I have not committed adultery.

13. I have not made anyone cry.

14. I have not felt sorrow without reason.

15. I have not assaulted anyone.

16. I am not deceitful.

17. I have not stolen anyone’s land.

18. I have not been an eavesdropper.

19. I have not falsely accused anyone.

20. I have not been angry without reason.

21. I have not seduced anyone’s wife.

22. I have not polluted myself.

23. I have not terrorized anyone.

24. I have not disobeyed the Law.

25. I have not been exclusively angry.

26. I have not cursed God/Goddess.

27. I have not behaved with violence.

28. I have not caused disruption of peace.

29. I have not acted hastily or without thought.

30. I have not overstepped my boundaries of concern.

31. I have not exaggerated my words when speaking.

32. I have not worked evil.

33. I have not used evil thoughts, words or deeds.

34. I have not polluted the water.

35. I have not spoken angrily or arrogantly.

36. I have not cursed anyone in thought, word or deeds.

37. I have not placed myself on a pedestal.

38. I have not stolen what belongs to God/Goddess.

39. I have not stolen from or disrespected the deceased.

40. I have not taken food from a child.

41. I have not acted with insolence.

42. I have not destroyed property belonging to God/Goddess

Ra A NTR Which Represents The Sun Seen Sailing Through The Sky Seat On A Glyph Of Maat. Symbolizing The Precise Regularity Of The Movements Of The Sun.

The Kemetic Judgement Scene Where The Deceased Ani Has His Heart Weighed On The Feather Of Truth Which Is A Symbol For Maat. As His Heart Is Weighed He Recites The 42 Declarations Of Innocence.

Maat Written In Medu NTR

From The Book Of The Coming Forth By Day Chapter 125 Written In Medu NTR The Declarations Of Innocence.