a Personal Message 
From Minister Imhotep

Wo’se Lead Minister September 2022 Overview

Greeting Sisters and Brothers

This year continues to give us opportunities and challenges for us individually and collectively. I am prayerful for you all, your families, and our communities locally, nationally, and worldwide. During the pandemic many have lost family members, but we have also seen joy and been blessed.

Sunday Services

Our largest online service was 125 but the numbers are decreasing to the 30-40. We have had in person services in Oakland, and we need to work on improving the technological elements for improved quality and experience for those online. Sacramento has hosted spring equinox and summer solstice gathering along with anniversary celebration. Sacramento is looking to continue pop-up location services at a minimum quarterly while looking for a new location. Sacramento is investing in equipment for developing content for outreach. Our online view on YouTube around 20 refinement of our hybrid format is needed.

Black Knowledge Matters

This element continues to grow and is a cornerstone to our outreach. A blended diverse solid committee continues to work on the development and implementation of the weekly sessions. Our You Tube views range some low 30s a good number in 200s and one over 1000.

Study of Sacred Scriptures

This new activity allows members to focus and study our Way. While allowing the development of each person to study the sacred text that is found around the world and in addition to encouraging individual study and understanding of The Way.


We have been able to develop several members to lead these sessions on Sunday morning to prepare our hearts and mind and is important to the spiritual development. This formation continues to grow and is highly beneficial to us as a spiritual movement.

Website and social media

This is an area that is important for our future. We have 831 subscribers to our YouTube channel. BKM gets the most views. We will be doing an analysis to see what yields the most numbers and use that for future content. We are looking to update and upgrade our site to improve communication outreach and as a better resource for members and outreach tool.

Ministerial Staff/ Kepher

We will be working on the organizational structure on how to best support the community and continue growing in the light. We have 6 newly ordained ministers who are meeting and developing how they will best minister and serve the community.

Ministering to the People

I continue to engage and reach out to members daily. I am often engaged with members several hours a day. I have attended funerals, planned funerals, done hospital visits in addition to phone calls and checking on folks. The community is the most import part of Wo’se. We see the hand of God moving us each and every day doing the will of our ancestors and the most high God. I wake up thinking about Wo’se it is constantly on my mind. Wo’se has given me brothers and sisters that I now call family, my 41.5 years in Wo’se gives my African Self purpose. – Asante Sana – Your Brother Minister Imhotep E. Alkebulan

The new release of the Freedom Writings CD by Minister Imhotep Alkebulan entitled AUTHORITATIVE UTTERANCE AND EXCEPTIONAL INSIGHT.